Bell Ringers

The tower and 8 bells were a later addition to the church in 1915 and were paid for by the vicar of the day, Canon Boulden, at a cost of £5776.

We have 8 bells, tenor (heaviest bell) 17cwt, cast by John Warner and Son, which were rehung by the local band in 2003.

We ring every Sunday from 9.30am for the 10am service and we meet on Monday evenings 8-9.30pm for practice.

We welcome existing ringers and those who would be interested in learning (aged 12 or over please); just climb the 32 spiral stairs for a warm welcome.

Ringing is part of our service to the church as well as a fascinating hobby.

We are active in the Lewisham District of the Kent County Association of Change Ringers.

For further information for ringers and non ringers

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